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M Yoga strives for more accessible and therapeutic yoga.  Our yoga is combined with functional movement and physical therapy based on Biomechanics.  One of our specialty is building up the awareness by giving precise cues and hands on adjustments. We focus equally on flexibility and strength to have a healthy body which helps us gain high metabolism, lose weight, and establish self-confidence which leads to a content life. We also offer English spoken yoga classes for people who want to keep their English skills, and are native English speakers seeking for western style yoga.

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About Mia

  • Completed 200hr yoga teacher training at HONOR YOGA, New Jersey

  • Completed 500hr advanced teacher training at DIG YOGA, New Jersey

  • Completed pre/postnatal yoga teacher training at DIG YOGA

  • Completed Therapeutic yoga teacher training at DIG YOGA 

  • Completed Mindfulness and Relaxation teacher training with Jillian Pransky

  • Speaks Japanese/English/Korean

Owner RYT 500/ERYT200/YACEP

   Mia’s journey for yoga started when she moved to the United States. She was never an athlete before, but yoga became her daily routine. After thousands of hours of practice, while seeking for answers, she realized that yoga is about surrendering and accepting things that life brings into our lives.

Her practice turned the direction to therapeutic and enhancement of the body function after she joined her 500hr training. Her practice got deepened through the training with Naime Jezzeny’s Iyengar yoga and Sue Elkind’s Anusara yoga at Dig yoga.

Mia’s style, as a teacher, has evolved as she continuously learns and practices with an open mind under great teachers including Matt Giordano. Her yoga was heavily influenced by Matt who is internationally known for precise and intelligent teaching.  

Having a handicap with born, Mia believes that yoga especially asana practice is the tool for physical and emotional healing and the key for the self-awareness. Finding the balance between strength and flexibility in order to create space for the freedom is her goal as a yoga practitioner. Strengthening core and progressive approach are also what she focuses on to help the students find their own power which already exists in them.

Yoga style: Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Therapeutic yoga.


New To Yoga


   Welcome to M Yoga! Please contact us if you have    any questions.


  • Please arrive early and check in before you come to class.

  • Let your teacher know if you have any injuries or concerns.

  • Avoid eating heavy meals at least 1 hour before your class and make sure you're well hydrated.

  • We practice yoga in bare feet; leave your shoes and other belongings in the cubbies, and turn off all cell phones.

  • To build up the heat from inside of the body and to avoid injuries, we keep our room around 23~25 degree Celsius.

  • We lend mats and other props for your convenience. Please use them mindfully and clean up afterwards.

  • Please try to avoid using too much perfumes and colognes before you come to class.

  • Savasana is the most important part of the practice; it works on the nervous system, and gives the body and mind deep rest. Please stay until the end of savasana. 

  • If you need to leave early, please inform the teacher at the beginning of class.

  • Yoga is a non-competitive practice. Be patient and give your body time to build up strength and flexibility slowly. 

  • And finally, enjoy !


  • シニア、初心者、そして怪我から回復中の方達にお勧めのクラスです

  • 比較的難易度の低いポーズやゆったりとしたスピードで無理のない内容で行われます

  • 運動量 1~2

  • 難易度 1


  • 経験が浅い方や基礎から学びたい方達にお勧めのクラスです

  • 呼吸やベーシックになるポーズを身に付けていきます

  • ゆったりとしたスピードでありながらもしっかり身体を動かせるクラスです

  • 運動量 2~3

  • 難易度​ 2

  • Flow

  • Power

  • 太陽礼拝A,B,C を組み入れて呼吸に合わせて流れるような動きをします

  • 比較的速めのテンポで運動量も多いクラスです

  • 軽減法を使いながら行いますので男性の方やダイエット狙いの方などにお勧めです

  • 運動量 3~4

  • 難易度 3

  • アームバランスやインバージョンなど比較的難易度の高いポーズをピークに入れた流れの速いクラスです。

  • 運動量の多いクラスです

  • ヨガの経験が必要となります

  • 運動量 4~5

  • ​難易度 4~5

  •  Restorative Fusion

  • 45分間のレッスン後, 30分間ヨガプロップスを使ってリラックスします

  • 組み合わせることでより多い効果が得られます

  • ​2月から4月まではFlow & Restorative

  • ​プロップスに限りがありますので各クラス10名様限定とさせて頂きます

  • Yoga in English

  • 英語のみで行われるクラスです

  • 英語を維持したい方や Native English Speakers 向けのクラスです

  • 月ごとにクラスを変えて行います

  • 2月は Flow In English


  • Yoga in English is taught in English only

  • Other classes are taught in Japanese and English

  • All classes except for power are mixed level

Class Description

  • Beginner's

  • Recommended those who want to learn from fundamentals of yoga.

  • Explore basic poses and exercise breath works.

  • Build up strength, flexibility, and stability progressively.

  • Hatha style.

  • Next step for Beginners.

  • Learn Sun salutations and Chaturangas.

  • Continue to build up body awareness.

  • M Flow

  • Flowing sequence including Sun Salutation A, B, and C.

  • Hold poses a little longer while focusing on breaths.

  • Move actively including core works.

  • M Power

  • Rigorously move while playing with arm balances and inversions.

  • Focus on deep core engagement and full body strengthening. 

  • At least 1 year of regular yoga practice is recommended.

  •  Restorative Fusion

  • 30 minutes of relaxation after 45 minutes of asana practice.

  • Using props to get deeper rest and refreshment.

  • Each class is limited up to 10 students. Please book in advance and keep your spot.

  • Yin/Deep Stretch

  • Deep stretches mainly on seated poses and supine poses.

  • Spend longer time to open up the body.

  • Offered with modifications to avoid injuries.

  • Taught in English.

  • Great for Native English Speakers and those who want to keep their English skill.

  • Until the end of April, class will be Flow in English.

  • Regular Members or Drop-in including class cards  only 

  • Yoga for Foreigners

  • Yoga For Men

  • Men only.

  • Made for men who are tighter and stronger than women.

  • Combined with strong movement and modified stretch.

  • Myofascial Therapy

  • Release muscle tightness and trigger points by using foam roller.

  • Massage deep tissues and ligaments.

  • Great for recovering muscle soreness.  

  • Basics




Inside Grow Golf Academy

2-18-1  Uenosaka Toyonaka, OSAKA

zip code 560-0012





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